Born 14. november 1954. Photographer and grafic designer.

While employed at the newspaper Berlingske Tidende (1978-89) and employment at Copenhagen Media Center (1993-98), worked as photographer at the theater Tribune (1976-82), at Grønnegårdsteatret (1982-87), as photographer, grafic designer and editor at the cultural litterature magazine Victor B. Andersen’s Maskinfabrik (1983-1999), as photographer at The Royal Danish Theatre (1994-98), at Café Victors Matinee posters (1982-85 and 1988-89), for Brøndums Graphic Publishing (1995-2001) and photographer for Edition Copenhagen - International lithography workshop (1986 -).

From 1998, freelance photographer with tasks such as:

Art museum of Ribe. Per Steen Hebsgaard A/S - Workshop for International Glass Art. Design Museum Denmark. Art Museum of the Faroe Islands. The Cisterns - Museum for Modern Glass Art CPH. City of Copenhagen. Tommerup Ceramic Workshop. Several daniosh Jewllers. Henning Larsen Architects. Arkitema. The Royal Court of Norway. Restaurants as Søllerød Kro, Noma and Mielcke & Hurligkarl. Paul Stolper Gallery in London and Oslo. Several danish Publishing bureaus. Visual artists such as Lars Dan, Kjell Nupen, Erik A. Frandsen, Trondur Patursson, Frans Widerberg, and Tolli.

Books, catalogs and magazines, a selection:

Signature explanations:

* Photography, graphic design and editor

** Photography and graphic design

*** Photography and editor

**** Photography

Idiotikon, an overture, Idiotikon FUKT (1983)*

The Danish Government, text and portraits, with visual artist Kenn Andre Stilling, Victor B. Andersen’s Publishing (1984)****

Victor B. Andersen’s Maskinfabrik, with author Asger Schnack and Kenn Andre Stilling, littrature magazine, No. 14-24 (1983-1999)*

Kenn Andre Stilling, a tribute with visual artist Herman Stilling and Asger Schnack (1995)*

Brøndums Encyclopedia, with author Morten Søndergaard and visual artist Erik Hagens, Brøndums Publishing (1996)***

Collection of ages, with visual artist Peter Brandes and museum director Frank Birkebæk, Roskilde Museum (1997)***

To our friend Asger Schnack, With Kenn André Stilling and Helle Rafn (1999)*

Sketch to a meal, cookbook, Hotal Marina (1999)**

40 soups, cookbook with chef Morten Bech Køster, Gad Publishing (2000)***

Voices and stones from Assistens Cemetery, poems and photographs with Asger Schnack, BØK (2000)*

Later, a little further inland, photography and text, BØK (2001)*

The cistern – Museum og Modern Glass Art, an introduction (2001)*

The golden tea book, with author Tage Voss, Brøndum Publishing (2002)***

Ceramic vessels and glass pictures, glass and ceramics by visual artist and mucisian Magne Furuholmen, Liebeskind (2002)*

How can I sleep with your voice in my head, a-ha live album, cover and booklet (2003)****

Reflections of new nordic lights, with Asger Schnack, catalogue, Scandinavian glass art, St. Petersburg (in Russian 2003)*

Voices and stones at Westside Cemetery, poems and photographs with Asger Schnack, BØK (2003)*

FOCI, catalogue, glass and ceramics by Magne Furuholmen (2004) *

Animals in glass, with Asger Schnack, Per Steen Hebsgaard A/S, catalogue for Copenhagen Zoo (2004) *

a-ha – the swing of thing, 25 year anniversary book about the norwegian pop group a-ha (2004)****

Grønlykkes accessories, cookbook with Charlotte Grønlykke, Jepsen & Co. (2005)*

A portrait of City Hall Copenhagen, 1905-2005, with author Allan de Waal, Jepsen & Co. (2005)*

Morti Vizki, a tribute, poems without words, Bebop (2005)****

Bouquets to Kristine, catalogue by visual artist Lars Dan (2005)****

The light of the world, a monograph, visual artist Niels Larsen Stevns, author Mikael Wivel, Thanning & Appel (2006)****

The spices and the cook, cookbook with chef at restaurant Noma Torsten Vildgaard, Lindhardt & Ringhof (2006)*

From Hurtigkarl & Co. to your kitchen, 5 small cookbooks with chefs Jacob Mielcke and Jan Hurtigkarl and Asger Schnack (2006)*

High skies – deep water, a tale of Trondur Patursson by Torben Weirup, Thanning & Appel (2006)****

Magne F. monologues, catalogue, Paul Stolper (2007)****

The traditional christmas lunch, cookbook with Charlotte Grønlykke, Jepsen & Co. (2007)*

Ruth Smith, a monograph, Listasavn Føroya (2007)****

A one bedroom appartment with a happy exit, poetry and photography with poet and author Jens Blendstrup, Samleren (2008)*

Hidden shadows suddenly became a body, relaynovel with Asger Schnack, Tiderne Skifter (2008)*

Stone dike palettes, catalogue, visual artist Lars Dan, Bindslev publishing (2008)****

Acts, states, times, perspective, catalogue, visual artist Antony Gormley, Edition Copenhagen (2008)*

Erik Heide - lithographic works, Graphic Workshop of the Faroe Island, Leporello (2009)****

J.P. Jacobsen - Thisted, poems and photographs with Asger Schnack, Tiderne Skifter (2009)*

Masked ball - 50 photografic masks by Lars Gundersen, with Morten Søndergaard (red.), photographic masks and

collective writings of the following 15 authors: Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Jens Blendstrup, Thomas Boberg, Gitte Broeng,

Julia Butschkow, Pia Juul, Josephine Klougart, Marianne Larsen, Viggo Madsen, Merete Pryds Helle, Asger Schnack,

Kristina Stoltz, Morten Sondergaard, Thomas Thøfner and Peter Clement Woetmann, Tiderne Skifter (2010)*

Litos Graffera, catalogue, Edition Copenhagen (2010)****

Climate cookbook, cookbook with Stine Gudmundsen-Holmgren (red.), Tiderne Skifter (2010)***

The gold of Læsø, norwegian lobstre cookbook, Læsø (2010)*

Oil paintings, catalogue of visual artist Lars Dan (2010)****

Viborg talks, poems and photography with Asger Schnack, Tiderne Skifter (2010)*

Per Steen Hebsgaard - glass, etc., with Asger Schnack, A Ducksoup Book (2010)*

Berlin - eyewitness variations, poems and photography with Jens Blendstrup, Samleren (2012)*

Long live poetry - a pennant to Pia Juul, poems and photography with Asger Schnack, A Ducksoup Book (2012)**

Morti Vizki - declaration of love, a monograph by Asger Schnack, Arena (2012)****

Real Time, catalogue, lithography by visual artist Erik A. Frandsen, Edition Copenhagen (2012)****

Three Journeys – Three Landscapes, the book about The Queen Sonja’s Nordic Art Award, Orfeus (2012)****

Has done portraits of Danish and international artists, among many others:

Thomas Struth (D), Ib Spang Olsen (DK), Bjørn Nørgaard (DK), Markus Lüpertz (D), Morten Søndergaard (DK), Günter Gress (D), Svend Asmussen (DK), Asger Schnack (DK), Lin Utzon (DK), Per Kirkeby (DK), A.R.Penck (D), Dan Turell (DK), Michael Strunge (DK), Beverly Semmes (USA), Torben Ulrich (DK), Franz Beckerlee (DK), Jens Blendstrup (DK), Mamma Andersson (S), Magne Furuholmen (N), Outi Heiskanen (SF), Henrik Nordbrandt (DK), Steve Powers (USA), Olle Bonnier (S), Trondur Patursson (FO), Frans Widerberg (N), Candida Höfer (D), Janus Kamban (FO), Lars HUG (DK), Morti Vizki (DK), Anne Marie Helger (DK), John Armleder (CH), Julie Nord (DK), Luc Tuymans (B) Michael Kvium (DK), Erik A. Frandsen (DK), Kjell Nupen (N), Gardar Eide Einarsson (N), Bjarne Meldgaard (N), Antony Gormley (GB), Lawrence Weiner (USA), Michael Bevilacqua (USA) Jan Kaspersen (DK), Yoshitomo Nara (JPN), Barry Mcgee (USA). The entire collection (about 260 pieces) is accepted at the Royal Danish Library’s picture collection (2004 -)

Exhibitions (since 2000):

Later, Galerie Edition Copenhagen (2000),

Jansson’s temptation, portraits, Photographic Center CPH. (2000)

Danish Art Fair, portraits (2001 and 2004)

Edition Copenhagen Retrospective 1959-2009, portraits and process (2009)

Artists Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg (2009)

Artists Autumn Exhibition, Ny Tap Carlsberg (2010)

Masked ball, Gallery B&K Projects (2010)

Viborg talks, Skovgaard Museum, Viborg (2010)

Masked ball, Bispebjerg Art Society (2011)

Masked ball, Grønbechs Gård (2011).


Restaurant Alberto K., Hotel Royal, Copenhagen (2000)

Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen (2011)


Award of Excellence in project Space, photography contest organized by architect Henning Larsen’s Foundation (2007)

Danish National Arts Council, award for the book Two room appartment with happy exit (2008)

Working grant, Danish National Arts Council, the book Berlin - eyewitness variations (2011)

Has sold pictures to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bispebjerg Hospital Art Society, Cemeteries of Copenhagen, Radisson SAS, the National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg Castle, City of Copenhagen, Skovgaard Museum, Special Trykkeriet Viborg A/S, Danish Art Weaving A/S, The Danish Bank and a number of individuals.

Initiator and driving force of the Bebop Award, an honorary award that is awarded annually, by the publishing bureau Bebops founder and editor, author Asger Schnack. It is awarded to a bebopistic person (2008 -). The price is dkr. 25,000,- and a original grafic print made by visual artist Per Kirkeby.

Winners: author and critic Lars Bukdahl (2008), novelist and critic Professor Torben Brostrøm (2009), jazz musician, bandleader and composer Jan Kasperen (2010) and author F.P. Jac’s widow Bodil Jac Andrees (2011)

Head of the publishing bureau A Ducksoup Book. Releases:

Per Steen Hebsgaard, glass ect., a tribute, Asger Schnack and Lars Gundersen (2010)

Bonfire and fire, essays, Asger Schnack (2010).

It looks like grief, poems, Christel Wiinblad (2011)

Schnelltrockende fluid action, poems, Janus Kodal (2011)

Treklang, poems, Asger Schnack (2012)

Long live poetry - a pennant to Pia Juul, poetry anthology by Asger Schnack (2012)

Three Swiss Expeditions in Greenland, Erik Torm (2012)

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